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Stanford Electric Works prides itself on providing the best electrical wiring service and prices to our customers every single day.  We want to be your number one lighting store for interior and outdoor lighting.  Instead of taking the risky chance of doing your own electrical wiring, call the lighting company today for immediate service.  Just take a look at what people are saying about our service.

A couple of people told me that folks at Stanford Electric were good, but, that's putting it mildly. These folks, their knowledge, the pricing, and the overall experience is beyond awesome! Another Yelper complained, they didn't get a proper meet/greet you at the door, that may be cause the staff is busy working on something. However, make no mistake, if you should have a question or need help, they will be there 100%. Sometimes they get busy and customers might have to wait their turn, which can happen in the real world, but be patient! It will be worth the wait. I worked with Paul, James, and other members of the staff and enjoyed the brainstorming effort. You might get a different answer when you ask a different person, but it makes for a richer end result, imho. 

The showroom is compact and dense, a good lighting display of higher end design. I was looking for clean, modern design and Stanford Electric had it all. They've got plenty of catalogs, if you want to take something home to research on your own. Great experience and highly recommend, esp if it is an extensive job. They offer far more knowledgeable service than what you would get from a big box store or chain lamp store and well worth every penny, imho!
-Anonymous in Berkeley, CA

Could not be any more impressed with Chris and Wyatt from Stanford Electric Works. Chris responded within hours of my request for an appointment, he was very professional and courteous. Wyatt, the electrician who came on site was fantastic. He was personable, knowledgeable, and most importantly a fantastic troubleshooter who ultimately did a great job solving the issue we had despite having to put on an electrical version of Sherlock Holmes hat and cape. There is literally nothing I could ask for this to have gone better, thanks Chris and Wyatt! We would recommend Stanford Electric to anyone for in home needs and will use them anytime we have the need in the future.
-Marc M. in Portola Valley, CA

I've had a couple of under-cabinet fluorescent lights die on me over the past two years, and have been happy to discover Stanford Electric as an efficient option for getting them replaced. In both cases, they set an appointment and were able to come replace my light fixture in under an hour. (The other option is to replace the ballast, but this turns out to actually be more expensive in my case than just switching the fixture.)

Actually just had a third light go out this week, so called them again and am in the queue. I think they tend to spend more of their energy on larger jobs, so sometimes you have to be willing to wait a couple weeks for a time window to come available. Nonetheless, I'm definitely finding this preferable to either (a) flailing at the the installation myself or (b) paying a generalist handyman to learn it on the job (which I've done once before and would prefer to avoid).

PS, Extra credit to Stanford Electric for supporting the community by sponsoring a local Little League team.
-Geoff D. in Palo Alto, CA

You know how you read reviews saying someone wishes they could give 0 stars. Well I wish I could give 10 stars. The customer service is fantastic. There may be a wait if all of the sales associates are busy, but when it's your turn they will give your their undivided attention. Who knew there are so many options for lighting. They really do know their stuff. They match internet prices too.
-Anonymous in Saratoga, CA

Took in my old halogen pole lamp trying to trouble shoot whether I had a bad bulb or a faulty lamp. I had mentioned I was leaving town in a week so if they took more than a few days to look at it, I would have to get back to them in 3 weeks. To my surprise, they finished 24 hours later and replaced the socket and it works fine! Price was reasonable and service couldn't have been any better. Definitely my new place to go!
-Cindy C. in Sunnyvale, CA

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